Maya + Baby's+ Barbies +Dress Up= Fun

Lately Maya has really taken on the skill of playing make believe with her "babies" and barbies and pretty much anything she has to play with. It is really funny some of the things she makes her barbies say. The other day I was playing with her and I was the Cinderella barbie while she was the "Barbie" barbie. First we introduced ourselves, well we probably introduced ourselves ten times, then she said, "oh well I don't have any money, so sorry" then she pretended to go off crying, and then the barbies needed to sleep so she made them their beds out of blankets, aka toilet-paper, but then there was a problem because they needed a boy barbie to come and kiss them to wake them up but we currently do not have a boy barbie so then she told me that we needed to go to the store to get a boy barbie. Anyways, I found it rather entertaining to watch and listen, and play along with my three year old playing barbies, the only thing bad that came of it is that she always wants to play barbies with me now, which as much as I would love spending my day playing barbies, there is just too many other things that need to get done.
The picture of her babies in her bed is how I found them one day when I walked in her room to put some clothes away. The humidifier and the fans were on too. Lately we have had two humidifiers going in the girls room when they sleep, they seem to have constant coughs and colds so they are in there quite a lot. So she put her babies to bed and turned the "`fier on to make them feel better".

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Karin said...

It was super fun to read this blog and see a little glimpse into the life of Maya. We miss having your family around and it's nice to see what is going on in the life of the other Holman family. The girls are growing up so much! I hope we get a chance to come out and visit while ya'll are there. We love you guys!