Mammoth Caves with some of my side of the family.

Two days after Christmas, we were so happy to house my family, excluding my one brother Lloyd, for a week or so. It was very fun to be with them and do some touristy stuff around Nashville. We decided to venture up North on one of the days to Mammoth City, KY, which is only about an hour away, and tour the Historical Mammoth Caves. These caves were huge!! My Mom isn't much of a cave goer so she decided to stay behind with little Desire'e and just play Grandma, which I think she enjoyed just as much. Anyways, so Blake, Maya, Dad, Steven, Matthew, and I experienced all of the excitement Mammoth Caves has to bring, well I guess not all of it, we just went on the basic "Historical Tour", which was very interesting, I recommend it for any family or even friend outing. Blake was very impressed with the "modern-age bathroom facilities" they had in the caves, hence the picture. Also, with a little bit of a squeeze, we managed to make it through 'Fat Man's Misery'! It was a good thing Maya had her little blue pen flashlight, I don't know how we could've made it through with out it! After we finished our tour, Maya turned in her "Junior Ranger" workbook and became a Junior Ranger, with a certificate and badge given to her from a Senior Ranger! If you have kids from the age of 2-18 I highly recommend looking into this fun little program the Nation Forest Park Rangers have put together, the packets that the kids fill out kind of help pass time when you are waiting to go on tour or something, and in the end they get a BADGE!

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