This last weekend we ventured out to Jackson,TN, which is about two hours from where we are currently living. It was a fun little get-a-way, but the the best part about it was the SNOW-STORM that we ran into. It was raining the entire way until just right before we rolled into town, snow flakes started coming down, and they didn't stop falling until later that night so it was all white and pretty. The main reason for our venturing out there was to go and see a Diamond Rio concert, and then meet and greet the band afterward. It was a lot of fun, but I will have to say I felt a little awkward at the meet and greet because we were the only ones there, minus the band members, that were in our casual attire. We got some looks like,"how did they sneak in here?" Luckily we know Dan so we weren't completely shunned away :). We asked what the possibility was that we could get them all in one photo and they answered slim to none, so Blake just shot a few photos with me and each member, I wanted him to get in the picture but he wouldn't. It was a great weekend!


Diana Sims said...

Alayna was telling me about your embarrassing experience! I'm sure you had a great time anyway!! :)

Dan & Brooke said...

Totally jealous! Well, not of the snow of course. Actually it has been raining pretty constant for about 18 hours, so our snow might actually melt away. Diamond Rio meet and greet...yes, that is why I am jealous...If only we stayed a few more days. And I LOVE the fatherhood involvement photo of Blake with barbies...Classic!