Easter without Daddy :(

Easter came while we were away from Blake, but luckily the Easter bunny knew where we were! Desire'e had no problem finding her basket all on her own while Maya just needed one hint. I think Desire'e could smell the chocolate in her basket, because that was the first thing she went for. Other than us missing Blake, it was a great Easter Sunday.

The Saturday before the girls were able to do an egg hunt at my Grandma Noakes's in Sacramento. It was fun to watch them run around my Grandma's yard searching for eggs, and yet hard to believe how quick life flies by. It seemed as though it were just a short while ago that it was me and my cousin Nicole running around searching for eggs in that same yard! Good memories!

If you could imagine 15 or so more kids with their baskets full of eggs sitting on these same steps, that would be me and all my cousins. It was a Noakes tradition to take a picture here every Easter.

I know this one is blurry, but I just like how Desire'e is showing off her cheer leading skills.

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Karin said...

She hardly even looks like a baby anymore - Happy Late Easter