A Tribute To My Mom....

..... for Mother's Day!

In thinking of what to write I came across the idea of looking of the definition of Mom in the free Wikipedia dictionary online. Much to my surprise I got this:

Mother: is a biological and/or social female parent of an offspring. Because of the complexity and differences of the social, cultural, and religious definitions and roles, it is challenging to define a mother in a universally accepted definition.

So, I guess this means that I get to define what a Mother is according to my own "social, cultural, and religious backrounds." So here it is:
A Mother is someone who nurtures you unconditionally. Has an internal, and sometimes 'eternal' bond with you that is very powerful. She can sense when something isn't up to par in your life, even if you do not say a word. She sacrifices or will sacrifice many things on your behalf. She would never tell you that you failed but rather, 'you did the best that you could do.' She thinks you are perfect even when you know you are not. She disregards how many times you were disrespectful or ungrateful and just keeps on loving you.

Just some facts about my Mom are that she was born and raised in California. She grew up in a family of 5, three boys and two girls. She was the baby of the bunch by five years. My mom was always a good person growing up. I have read her yearbooks and seen that many people commented on how nice of a person she was to all. She still is kind to everyone and always tries to make sure everyone has a friend. Her father called her, Debbie Dolly. She was on the swim team in high school, and I think did very well at it. She loves nature. Her decorations are often associated with 'naturalness'. She is beautiful on the inside and out. She doesn't wear a lot of jewelry just mostly little sentimental accessories like the ear rings her mother gave her, or the necklace us kids gave her, and of coarse the ring my Dad gave her. She is willing to try new things in life. In just the past few years she has learned to ride a motor bike on my dad's behalf, and I think she is pretty good at it. she enjoys skiing. If she could have her dream car it would be a Mercedes Benz- convertible. Her favorite cake is German Chocolate with Caramel Pecan frosting. She likes being a Grandma.

My Mother is a perfect example of what my definition of a mother is. As I have become a mother myself I understand my Mother more now than I did before. I am so grateful for her shining example to me.

Thanks Mom for all that you do and HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY! I LOVE YOU!


Braden said...

If her daughter is any indication of the kind of mother she was, then she really is an amazing mother! I've only seen her once, but I admire her for the story you told me about how she was talking to everyone in the grocery store about Prop 8 back in October.

Dan & Brooke said...

That was very nice of you. I bet it completely made your mom's mother's day wonderful! You are so amazing! I hope that you also had a fabulous Mother's Day. I was thinking of you and all my mothering family today. I miss you and want you to know that you are an awesome example to me as a mother, friend, sister and everything that comes with being a great person. I love you, Show-n-tell!

annette said...

That was a beautiful tribute to a beautiful lady. I love your mom too!

Diana Sims said...

Chantelle, that was a wonderful post! Your mom raised a great daughter!!