Neighborhood Friends

Last year when we were fairly new to the 'neighborhood' it seemed as though my girls were the only little kids in the entire complex. I would never see any other kids out running around, getting their wiggles out like we often did. Unfortunately we do not have a play ground in the complex so we had to be creative with our outside play time. Sometimes we would go down to the sand volley ball court and use it as a GINORMOUS sand box. This was SO much fun, but still sometimes lonely. Occasionally there would be a dog come and trample the girls and that was always exciting, but not quite like playing tag with an actual human being.
Anyways, to get to my point, this last few months I started to notice more kids in the parking lot, riding their bikes or playing tag. Any time Maya caught a glimpse of them she would BEG me to stay out and play just a little while. Notice I said Parking Lot, not Backyard or Front-yard, therefore if she was going to stay and play, Mommy had to be there watching for the BIG cars that didn't see LITTLE people. Just recently these kids discovered this 'secret hide-out' behind a complex where there were no cars or any other distractions. They were free to run around and do the silly things kids do. Lucky for me, this 'secret place' is right outside my window! So, I can still be within sight and not worry about the BIG cars while staying inside and going about my household business.
The other day when I went out to check on them, this is what I found. The 'friend' had brought over her CD player and they were having a 'dance' party to some kidz bop songs. It was so cute. Another common thing I will find is mashed up berries from the bushes, they call it 'soup' made with sticks and rocks. I still need to get a picture of that one.

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