Minus 1 tooth, but still a Princess!

So, as promised, I will share the incident that happened a little over a week ago with Maya. It was a lazy Wednesday morning and the downtown library story hour was just calling our names, so we decided to gather our things and head out the door. Maya wanted to bring a friend along with her so we swung by to pick her up and off we went. As we arrived I thought to myself, "wow I don't think I have ever made it to story time with 5 minutes to spare, the girls will get to enjoy the beginning to the end." We all hopped out of the car and did the routine: held hands through the parking garage, made our way through the large dark oak doors, made it through the metal detector with no problem..good thing I left my gun in the car ;) and started walking up the large marble staircase to get to the second level which is where story time is held. I might add that this marble staircase is very beautiful, but can be a work out for the little ones, all of this is routine though so just sticking to it. Well, Maya, decided to switch things up a bit by skipping up the stairs. She made it up the first 10 steps pretty well, but then it was all down hill with the next two or three. As she face planted the steps I thought, "this is going to be bloody." Sure enough, I ran up to her and her mouth was pooling with blood. I held her close to me to keep the blood from getting on the floor and guided the other girls with me to the bathroom. On the way I looked down at one of the steps and there was a completely in tact central primary incisor.... the impact of the fall caused her tooth to completely come out, "ouch!"
Just a little education on teeth. Kids usually start to loose their teeth around 6 or 7. Some loose them earlier or even later, but the average age is 6. Maya is currently 4 and a half, this means if she is lucky she may get a new front tooth in about a year and a half.
Because Maya is not quite to the age of 'loosing' her teeth, I had never discussed this natural growth process with her, so in her mind she thought she would never have a front tooth ever again. She kept asking me to put it back in her mouth, it was so traumatic for her. Good thing we had her friend Kelsey with us, who has learned from her older sister about the tooth fairy. She was excited to tell Maya all about the tooth fairy, and this kind of calmed things down.
After the bleeding had stopped, we left the library...so much for being 5 minutes early :)! On the way home I made an appointment with the dentist to get things checked out. I knew, he couldn't 'fix' anything, I was just concerned about the other teeth still in tact. Maya wanted moral support while going to see the Dentist, which this was a first as well, so Kelsie came with us. The Dentist was awesome, he was a pediatric dentist so he knew all the tricks to make Maya feel comfortable. He said the other teeth looked good so far (good news).
It took a couple of days for Maya to eat solid food with out some tears due to the awkward feeling from being minus one tooth, but she has got the hang of it now. After all, she may be minus one tooth for a while, but still a Princess.


Anonymous said...

Poor Maya. I hope she is feeling better!

Braden Bell said...

Aggh! I did not know all that about teeth!

The Traylor's said...

She looks so cute. And I LOVE her bangs, such a big girl!

Crystal said...

Heeeeey! So I found your blog on Jen's . . . which she never posts on. But I've been dying to know how you are! Email me or something. crystalhunt7@gmail.com/www.crystalsviewfromhere.blogspot.com I LOVE you!