Maya turned 5....

...on Monday, August 30th. We did the family tradition with her as well, having presents with just us at home, but last Friday she had a friend Tea-Party. I think I had just as much fun getting ready and hosting the party as she did during the party. Goodwill was definitely good to us and supplied us with all the party accessories, including the tea-cups and tea-pot (I think this was a sweet simple blessing from above that made me smile). The boys got to choose a tie to wear when they first arrived, while the girls chose a scarf and a necklace. Next, they decorated their party visors with stickers and markers. Then we played musical tea-cups, a rendition of musical-chairs. Then it was time for the tea party. The specialty tea that was served was sparkling apple juice (apple juice mixed with 7-up). I think the kids all thought it was some exotic drink, they all loved it :). Bagel bites, grapes, carrots, marshmallows, cucumbers, and animal crackers were served with the tea, and Maya blew out her candles on 5 mini-cupcakes at the end of the tea-party. After, this was over we played toss the tea-bag into the tea-pot, a rendition of a bean-bag toss game, and then she opened presents. All in all it turned out pretty well. Below is a video Blake took, please excuse the purple whale waddling around, if I could help it I would not be in any pictures, but that's all right.

She knew about these boots before hand, but she was happy to get them on her birthday.

At school she got pretty spoiled as well. She wore a crown and sat in the birthday seat in front of the class. When we picked her up we had the car decorated, what can I say....she's a princess :).


Annette said...

She IS a princess! And deserves the royal birthday tea party. You are such a fun mom Chantelle! And you look beautiful by the way! Good luck in these last few weeks!

Katelyn said...

YES! I love the decorated car idea! What a lucky girl. Miss you all and can't wait until we can see each other again...soon hopefully!

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