Merry Christmas 2011

We hope everyone is having a Goofy Christmas this year! Needless to say it has been a while, but I will do a quick update, can't guarantee it will include everything that has happened since my last post, which was over a year ago, sheesh, where does the time go? Well the cute little infant that was in my last post has grown tremendously and if I ever loose track of where he is at during the day, I usually find him looking something like this:

All though he is a handful at times, he seems to always make us smile. If you haven't guessed by now, we had an exciting trip to Disneyland recently. It was a pre-Christmas vacation, due to us having to stay close to the home front for Blake to work during the holidays. We had so much fun.

Surprisingly, Maya enjoyed all of the 'big kid' rides and was disappointed when she was denied access to rides with taller height admittance like Indiana Jones and California Screemin' Desire'e loved seeing all of the Princess's and Characters while Zeke seemed to enjoy the Whinnie the Pooh ride so much we ended up going on it 3 times in a row, good thing Grandma Dickson was there to take hime on 2 of the 3.

The Castle was so pretty at night with all of the Christmas lights covering it. And there were even some nights that it snowed on Main Street U.S.A.

All though the Disneyland castle was pretty, this castle was my favorite one to visit.

Hope everyone is having a Merry Christmas, with love~
the Holman Party of Five


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Oh, I loved to see your update! So much fun!!!

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