I have been tagged about my quirks...

Quirk #1
I have to shave my legs every day. If there is even a little stubble it drives me nuts. My husband, mother and, cousin, Jennifer can attest to this.

Quirk #2
At night, before falling asleep in bed I usually rub my feet together, subconsciously. I think it drives Blake bonkers.

Quirk #3
Whenever I have household chores to do I put my "work shoes" on to get it done. My work shoes are either my Reeboks or New Balance tennis shoes, they really do make me go faster :) !

Quirk #4
I have been told by a few people that I snore, so I guess I will believe them.

Quirk #5
When I am just at home with my girls I love to throw my "Michael Jackson's Greatest Hits" CD on and jam out to it, singing and dancing, even making up some on the spot routine's, it is the greatest dance party you could come to if you were invited, but sorry you all are not invited, its just me and my girls. On a few occasions "Dad" has walked in during the excitement but never does he through his 'thriller' moves down.

Quirk #6
I have been accused of ignoring people's friendly greetings while driving, but I assure you this is not on purpose. I honestly have a difficult time recognizing friends and family while driving I do not know why this is, but it is and I am sorry if you have ever been the accuser of my rudeness but I truly did not recognize you, I think this is an inherited trait because my Mother and Brother Steven have ran into this same problem quite frequently.

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annette said...

Chantelle, that is so funny about the feet rubbing. Loren does the exact same thing. I'll have to tell him. I once tried it to see what the big deal was, and it was too much work for me. Anyhoo, it must be the Dickson in you ;-D.

Matt, Whitney and Grant said...

Hey Girl!! Its Whitney...
Matt-Whitney.blogspot.com Cute post!