An afternoon at the park.... with the Parthenon!

For the last week, or more, we HAD been having nice weather so we decided to spend as much time out side as possible. Last Friday we ventured on to Centennial Park close to the heart of Nashville. At this park they have a life size replica of the Parthenon. Blake can't seem to reconcile the purpose of such a monument, while I thought it was pretty cool to see since I don't think we will make it to Greece any time soon and see the remains of the actual Parthenon. As for the rest of the park it is comparable to any other large city park. It sits amidst large buildings and hospitals and Universities, with people coming and going all day long. Apparently it is one of the 'must sees' when visiting Nashville so I am glad we took the afternoon to spend time there.


annette said...

If nothing else, it makes for a really great photo shoot. You guys are so cute!!!

The Karrens said...

You never know if you will make it to Greece or not, but it is fun to see.