One day.

For lack of any better idea I will tell you what we did today and that is all, just one day.

6:00am- Blake wakes up to go to a service project for Paduckah, KY residents.
6:30am- Chantelle briefly opens eyes and kisses Blake goodbye.
6:45am- Desire'e thinks she is awake, but mom gives her a bottle and assures her she is still asleep.
8:30am- O.K. girls are up for real this time.
10:30am- We are off to the Park to enjoy the nice weather and meet up with friends.
12:30pm- Headed back home, pick up friend (Kelsie) for Maya on the way.
1:00pm- Nap time Desire'e~ Play time Maya and Kelsie~ Umm whatever time Chantelle
3:45pm- Bring Kelsie home and head to Isabel's to meet up with Blake and have dinner.
6:00pm- Head back home.
7:00pm- Bath girls, Blake study time.
8:00pm- Bedtime Desire'e
8:30pm- Bedtime Maya
9:00pm- Party time Blake and Chantelle! ya'll have dirty minds....
10:00pm- Updating blog.
11:00pm- Estimated time of Blake and Chantelle's bedtime.

~Just another day~


Dan & Brooke said...

I think your day sounded wonderful! Work days for me stink! Brooke's 3 days of work... up around 0410... 0500 Addy has eaten and is back in bed. 0540 off to work 0800 hating life! 1200 it is only noon?!!! 4 pm please end! 5 pm passing trays 0535 admit 6:30 pm you wanted to home? 7:30 pm okay go home and see addyson 9:00 okay you ate and now addy wants to go to bed 10 pm goodnight!

annette said...

You do have a wonderful life! I've been meaning to call Loren up in the middle of the day, just to say Thank You, for working so hard so I can stay home with our kids. After reading Brooke's comment... Just shoot me if I ever complain. But with the economy the way it is, Brooke, that might be me too.