Heritage Makers

News for me!
So, I recently have taken on the challenge of being a Personal Publishing Consultant for a company called Heritage Makers. They specialize in digital story booking, sometimes called digital scrap booking. I was introduced to the company through a friend and I fell in LOVE with what they had to offer. I believe in it so much that I decided to be someone that will go around and rant rave about how awesome they are in all that they have to offer. The biggest sales pitch to me was the fact that I could do ALL of my story booking on-line, I do not have to take the time to set up a spot in my tiny house to work on a project for a few minutes, constantly being stopped by my two year old getting into scissors or glues or etc. And then having to put it away in my closet only to come back to in a few months or years in my case! My workspace is now my pc, and I just click 'save' when I leave it- no mess to clean up! The books that they produce are library bound- this means that they meet the requirements to be placed into a public library- very durable and just simply lovely!
It has been fun playing business women, by doing workshops in friends homes and passing out my cards, sending e-mails, posting fliers, etc. I love sharing this new found 'treasure' of mine. I even have a decal on the back window of my Van. Blake kind of laughed at me when I put it up, but I am taking this seriously, I just want to give it a try and see what happens. Saying all this, let me know if you would like to learn more or would even like to Host a Workshop in your home with your friends and family. I can also do an on-line workshop if you live far from me. (I love the internet it allows us to do things like this). If anything it can be an excuse to get together and have fun! Check my website out http://www.storybookmemories4you.com or send me an e-mail or just simply call.


Terri said...

that sounds like something I would like, I am not very good at scrappbooking but I could totally get into it if it were all digital. I may need to get in touch in a couple months so I can learn what i can do :)

annette said...

Thanks for sending me the link on facebook. I haven't been able to really check into it yet. Those photo books are the best!