Road trippin' in Fl

After we visited our friends in Panama City we traveled onto Crystal Beach, Fl to visit some of my relatives. When we were traveling I had high hopes that I would be over my sickness by the time we got there, but no such luck. I felt bad that I just stayed in bed almost the whole time we were there, but luckily the Fuller's were understanding. It was nice to visit and kind of hang low, however I wouldn't mind making another trip when I am healthy. Being sick while on vacation is not fun at all! None the less, being able to just see the beautiful state of FL was a treat and visiting with family is always great!

After driving in the car for so many hours we had to be creative in figuring out ways to get the girls wiggles out, maybe get some of ours out as well. This particular picture is of Blake having 'races' with Maya in the Burger King parking lot.

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annette said...

Such good times. Your family is SO CUTE! Check out Lori...she's got that great Florida tan going on :)