What's that?

So I just have to share this sort of embarrassing story of mine because it is somewhat remarkable and you would think it would never happen. A couple of weeks ago I was going about my once every 3 day routine of doing my hair and getting ready for the day. My hair was blown dry and while the straightener was heating up I was throwing some make-up on and tending to the kids. After the straightener was nice and hot I began the process. This particular time I didn't take quite as much caution though. I just ran it through my hair a couple times and then was done.
A couple of hours later I was running my fingers through my hair, like I sometimes do, and noticed the weirdest sensation amongst my fine somewhat soft hair. "What's that?" is what came out of my mouth. It felt like a piece of rubber or plastic or something. It was so strange. So, then I went back into the bathroom to try and solve this mystery. I looked in the mirror and sure enough it was this sort of black plastic rubbery thing, but where did it come from and how in the heck did it get there? I was determined to solve this mystery so I searched around and found a clue, Blake's watch was somewhat deformed at the tip of one of the rubber wrist bands and it had been laying pretty close to where my straightener was earlier that day. Case solved. Basically the tip of the watch band had been melted onto my hair. I called my lovely hair stylist, aka Jennifer, to see what I could do, she said this was certainly something she doesn't deal with on a regular occasion :), luckily I was able to just pick it out with Blake's help. As for Blake's watch, it has seen better days, however it is still wearable.


Jen said...

Those things get so hot! I nearly melt something most times I use my straightener... I should get the hint sometime, right!

Trisha said...

ouch, that sounds painful!

Thanks for letting me borrow your computer. Now I can finally read all these cute blogs.