An Ode to the Youth of the Goodlettsville Ward

On Sunday our Bishop asked if we could postpone our current plans for the weeks activities to a later date and have the youth help with cleaning up a member's home that had been completely covered in water. We happily agreed to do this. So last night we all met at the church and went on our merry way to do some service. As we arrived at the house I couldn't help but notice all the other homes around that had been effected badly as well. The side of the streets were covered with demolished couches, beds, entertainment centers, chairs, mirrors, etc. Everything was caked with mud and as we stepped out of the car this horrible smell came over us. It felt like we were walking in a community dump yard. Anyone that was helping was required to wear a pair of gloves, long pants, and a mask. It was hot and humid, so you can imagine having to wear all of these things just added to the uncomfortableness that was all ready present. However, I never heard one of our youth complain, NEVER. And all of them put their full effort in the tasks we had been asked to do. If anyone was complaining, it was me. I was so impressed at how diligent they all were with helping. It really made me respect them so much more than I all ready did.
I remember when we had just moved into this Ward, the past Bishop stated that we had the best youth group possibly in the entire church, and I thought, 'well yeah he better say that,' but now I can see what he meant and I have to say that I completely 100% agree. I love them all so much and I hope and pray that they remain strong and steadfast as they embrace the trials that will come along their way.

****on a side note: seeing this home, that seemed as though it were a part of a dump yard, was a harsh realization at how much some had been effected by the flood. I really had to do my best to hold back tears as we were throwing things away like a stuffed animal caked in mud, or a family picture, just little things like this were really hard for me to witness.


Annette said...

Wow. The youth, YOUR YOUTH are amazing! I'm so impressed! How neat that you get to be a part of it, working so closely with them too. My girlfriend, Gayle has been telling me about the huge Stake efforts going out to clean up and help many who have lost homes. Glad your home wasn't affected. Keep up the good work. Love you guys!

Braden said...

Great post! I am glad that they are doing such a good job. You and Blake are such great examples for them.

Karin said...

i can't even imagine what that would be like - to lose everythign - little things that mean so much - thanks for reminding me that life is pretty good.